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In a world of rapid regulatory and digital change, building and maintaining resilience and trust are becoming increasingly important for financial service providers. Reaction speed, innovative strength and the use of new technologies are essential for success. The reasons that speak in favor of process optimization and the digitization of processes are complex.

Customers increasingly have flexible multi-bank connections and expect a functioning multi-channel access system for their financial transactions. In addition to the supply of information, the execution of transactions and deals via the respective channels is required. Both the quality and scope of services are decisive factors that have a significant impact on attracting and retaining customers. The provision of digital consulting services is also increasingly becoming the focus.

The efficiency-driven digitization with the aim of automation and customer loyalty requires, on the one hand, the development of a holistic corporate strategy and, on the other hand, extensive knowledge of the available technologies. At the same time, the technical resources must be available in order to benefit from the advantages of digital transformation.

A lack of experience, an unclear business case and a lack of skills are among the greatest challenges when it comes to digitization in the financial sector.

But why should these challenges be faced and new paths should be explored?

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Your Advantages at a Glance

Mastering the challenges, actively helping to shape the digital transformation and ultimately using it, has several advantages.

The digitization of processes:

  • helps to secure and increase sales in the long term,
  • opens up new strategies and business models,
  • enables consistent customer orientation,
  • serves to simplify processes, and
  • is essential for a sustainable marketplace.

Would you like to find out more about the numerous advantages?

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Summa Verwaltung –

Your Professional Digitization Expert

But how should the major challenges be mastered and the advantages of digitization used in good time for your own goals? The solution is the professional services from Summa Verwaltung, which take the efficiency of business processes and the degree of digitization to a new level.

Summa Verwaltung will work with you to identify the automation and digitization potential along the entire value chain and support you in the digital design of the customer interface. As experts for digital innovations in asset & wealth management, we want to realize your visions and open up new opportunities. We are to be seen as a central point of contact who supports you in overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities on the business side, at the interface between business & IT, and on the IT side.
Our services can be obtained through various modules. Whether as a consultant (advisory), ambassador, board member, interim manager or implement consultant, we are at your side with our expertise and experience and show you the possibilities and implementation approaches through various channels. The scope and goal are jointly developed and defined as part of a trusting collaboration.

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Our Expertise is Your Success


We offer you a unique symbiosis of investment know-how, consulting and IT services. You get a central contact person for all topics of digital transformation, who knows how to convince with experience and expertise.

We have in-depth knowledge of both traditional and alternative investment categories, which we have been able to demonstrate over many years in numerous projects with various companies. We can also look back on successfully completed digitization projects in the area of De-Fi and blockchain.
As an experienced expert in the field of digital finance, we help you with intelligent solutions to new perspectives. Goals that have not been achieved so far can be achieved with our services.

Would you like to increase customer loyalty, increase sales, reduce costs, and increase productivity?

Right now is the right time to align your company for the future and to profitably use the opportunities of digital transformation! The Summa Verwaltung experts look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to provide you with know-how and experience.